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We only raise first generation Cockapoos and Miniature Poodles at this time. Cockapoos are miniature size and can be expected to be 12/14 tall and 12/20 lbs depending on the size of our Cocker Spaniel females. We don’t raise toy or standard sizes and do not plan to. We have recently retired several of our dogs and plan to keep breeding on a smaller scale. I take names for waiting lists in order of contact for considered families.

Pups are raised inside until they leave. They see the vet, receive the first puppy 5-way booster, Kennel cough booster and multiple de-wormings are done prior to leaving at 8 weeks of age.

We dock tails on Miniature poodle pups, but leave the tails on our cockapoo puppies. All dew claws are removed. 

We do our best to update photos every two weeks and a video at 5 weeks. Due to the amount of time I spend on pictures, please try to be patient, it takes half a day to take, photo shop and upload to our sites.

You may come and see your puppy to pick him/her out, or make a deposit through  square.com or venmo.

Puppies are fed Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy and a small bag will be sent home with all pups. It is easy to find this food by googling the company, entering your zip code to find who carries it near you.

We always take our pups back if need be. We don’t buy them back however.

Puppies are not spayed or neutered by us, that is to be done around 6 months of age.

We start taking them outside, weather permitting to use the restroom after their first shots. During the winter months, we litter train pups.

1 Yr health guarantee.

We don’t take checks at the time of pick up.